Support Anti-Racism work in Hungary – Get a Solidarity T-Shirt

October 1, 2020

The Sport Inclusion Network (SPIN) shares the vision of sport and a Europe free of discrimination, where everybody irrespective of origin, race, gender, sexual orientation or ability enjoys the same fundamental rights. But in current Hungary independent human rights and anti-racism work is at risk.

Therefore, the SPIN network is launching a solidarity campaign to support our Hungarian partner organisation Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organization (MGHRO). The African-led NGO acted as a mouthpiece for the rights of people of colour in Hungary during the recent #blacklivesmatter demonstrations in Budapest. Small donations from individuals across the Europe will help MGHRO to keep carrying out much needed work with marginalized groups in Hungary.

Difficult times for Hungarian Human Rights Movement

New laws enforced by the increasingly authoritarian Hungarian government restricts funding for non-governmental human rights organisations. It deprives the NGO’s of the democratic capacity to act in order to solve a problem that the state is not capable to. The lack of funding for human rights organisations has put stress on the organisation’s staff, as the added cost burden creates tension on their ability to provide the best possible assistance to refugees, migrants and ethnic minorities, including Roma. MGHRO is strongly dependent on the cooperation and solidarity from like-minded persons and organisations across Europe. The SPIN partners call for the support of our Hungarian friends. A donation will help MGHRO to keep carrying out much needed work with marginalized groups in Hungary.

Szolidaritás T-shirt

You can now make a donation. In exchange for your donation, MGHRO will provide you with a T-shirt carrying the slogan #Szolidaritas, which means “solidarity” in Hungarian. The minimum donation per T-shirt is 20 €. Shipping within the EU is included.

To order your T-shirt, go to:

The classic 100% cotton T-shirt (crew neck) is soft grey. The T-shirt complies with the requirements of the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and has been traded in accordance with the prescriptions of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (amfori BSCI).

Pioneering role in Hungary

The Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organization (MGHRO) is a Budapest based humanitarian NGO that was established in 1992. The organisation is at the forefront of the fight for the rights of migrants and refugees, to combat racism and discrimination and to promote social inclusion. MGHRO is part of the FARE network and since 2011 a key partner of the Sport Inclusion Network (SPIN).

The humanitarian and cultural activities of the NGO are known and appreciated in the Hungarian society and the MGHRO sees this as being relevant for a future open, tolerant and democratic Hungarian society.


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