Call for future SPIN Youth Leaders

January 17, 2024

We have an exciting opportunity for you!

You are between 15 and 27 years old.

You belong to one of the following groups of beneficiaries of SPIN Youth: migrant, ethnic minority, refugee.

You want to make sport more inclusive and increase the participation of youth with diverse backgrounds in sport.

You currently live in one of the 8 project countries: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, The Netherlands.

…then get in touch!

Send us an e-mail ( or reach out directly to our project partner in your respective country (see list below) and learn more!

The following activities are part of the SPIN Youth project. More specific information on each of these will follow in the coming weeks and months.


As part of the SPIN Youth project and together with other young people with diverse backgrounds you can apply to…

  • Participate in the European Training Academy in September 2024 in Rome (2 persons per country)
  • Join a SPIN Youth panel of 5-7 members in your country and develop ideas for more inclusive sport

As member of a SPIN Youth panel, you can…

  • Learn how to conduct action research in the field of inclusive sport and youth participation
  • Develop action plans to implement your ideas for more inclusive sport
  • Engage with sport organisations in your country to make a lasting impact
  • Join us for the European Networking Conference in Lisbon in the Spring of 2025

About SPIN Youth

The SPIN Youth project (January 2024 – June 2026) aims to increase the participation of young people with diverse backgrounds (such as migrants, refugees, ethnic minorities) in sport, both active and in non-playing positions, and contributes to the creation of inclusive, discrimination-free sport environments which pro-actively welcome diversity and equality.

Specifically, SPIN Youth will:

1. Identify and address barriers to and enabler of sports participation of young people with diverse backgrounds, both in playing and non-playing positions

2. Facilitate youth-led knowledge production and empower, support, and foster young people’s involvement in sport design, delivery, and decision-making processes.

3. Raise awareness, network and increase capacities among sport organisations to engage and connect with young people with diverse backgrounds and to create inclusive sport environments

SPIN Youth is implemented by Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation (VIDC, Austria, lead agency). Partners in the project are:

SPIN Youth is co-funded by the European Commission and its Erasmus+ sport programme.

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