Making Sport More Inclusive – Refugee Athletes as Role Models

October 21, 2022

In a joint effort with SPIN Refugees project partners, we have invited athletes with a refugee background to raise awareness about the role of sport toward social inclusion. In their testimonial videos, the “United for Inclusion” Ambassadors emphasize the valuable contribution of refugees and asylum seekers to sport, from the grassroots level to national teams and the Olympic Games!

In the videos below you will hear from:

Aker Al Obaidi: “Aki” is a passionate and successful wrestler from Iraq. He now lives in Austria and joined the IOC Refugee Olympic Team in Tokyo 2021.

Malyun Hassan Farah: Malyun was born in Somalia and played professional football in Finland where she currently lives and encourages young people to engage in sport and social activities.

Daniel Abraham Gebru: Born in Eritrea, Daniel is a two-time Paralympic Gold medalist and World Champion in cycling, competing for the Netherlands.

Amanda Pereira: Hailing from Brazil, Amanda plays professional football in Portugal. Though not a refugee, she supports the cause of the “United for Inclusion” campaign in solidarity with the many refugees and asylum seekers in sport across Europe.

Sheida Ostovari: Sheida was a professional volleyball player in Iran, leading her national team as captain at the Asian championship. She lives and works as a sport coach and coordinator in the Netherlands.

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