“Girl Power” poster for the European Week of Sport

September 19, 2019

In the framework of the SPIN Women project, grassroots activities enhancing the inclusion and participation of migrant and minority women and girls in and through sport are supported and made visible.

These activities are facilitated by or actively involve female minorities and migrants as initiators, trainers, athletes, officials, club members, fans etc. Women’s and minority sport clubs and initiatives as well as (female) refugee organisations cooperate to raise awareness about the dangers of exclusion, discrimination, ethnic stereotypes and prejudice. Through the events diversity is celebrated and the need for equal opportunities for ethnic minority and migrant women and girls will be highlighted.

To reach more visibility and to support the activities taking place during the European Week of Sport the partner organisations of the SPIN Women project produced and diseminate the new “Girl Power” poster that is available for download here.

You can order printed copies of the poster by writing an email to fairplay@vidc.org.

About European Week of Sport (EWoS)

The week aims to help people become more active and use the inclusive power of sport in European societies. It was launched by the European Commission in 2015 to response to the inactivity crises and raise the level of physical activity. Since then the Week has continued to grow year after year, 2018 already 12 million people participated at the European Week of Sport.

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