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About the SPIN Women project

ERASMUS+ Project: SPIN Women

SPIN Women

“Sport Inclusion of Migrant and Minority Women: Promoting sports participation and leadership capacities” (SPIN Women)

The objective of this pan-European project is to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities of women and girls with an immigrant or ethnic minority background through increased participation in sports and recreational physical activities.

Looking at society at large, migrant and ethnic minority women are belonging to the most excluded and vulnerable groups in Europe. That’s why SPIN Women is designed to show the different perspectives of migrant and ethnic minority women and to develop strategies to increase their involvement in sports.


The project partnership encompasses NGOs and sport organisations from seven EU countries including External link in new windowCamino (Germany), External link in new windowUISP (Italy), External link in new windowFootball Association of Ireland (FAI), External link in new windowLiikkukaa (Finland), External link in new windowMahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organisation (Hungary), External link in new windowSJPF- Portuguese Players Union (Portugal), and External link in new windowVIDC-fairplay (Austria) as the lead organisation.

The SPIN Women project is co-funded under the External link in new windowERASMUS + Sport Programme.


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