SPIN - Sport Inclusion Network

Sport Inclusion Network

An online tools shows how interventions of sport clubs should be tailored in order to fully include newly arrived migrants, refugees and asylum...

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New European SPIN Women-project kicked-off in Budapest aims to increase participation of migrant and minority women in and through sport.

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The SPIN network created an animated awareness video with useful tips and suggestions

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European Conference brought together national and international organisations in the Lisbon City of Football.

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Papel do desporto na inclusão social esteve em debate na Cidade do Futebol.

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Conferência europeia reuniu organizações nacionais e internacionais na Cidade do Futebol.

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23 – 24 November 2018, Lisbon, Portugal

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SPIN Women Study Report by Camino

SPIN Women: Equal Access and Participation of Migrant Women and Girls in Sports. A Study Report.
published by Camino, 2020

Girl Power - SPIN Women EWoS Poster 2019

Poster: Girl Power / European Week of Sport.
published by VIDC, 2019

Report European Conference – Lisbon: Sport Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees in a Transforming Europe
published by SJPF, 2019

SWR - Good Practise Guide 2018

Sport Welcomes Refugees. A Guide to Good Practise in Europe.
published by Camino, 2018

Poster: Sport Welcomes Refugees / European Week of Sport.
published by VIDC, 2018

Sports for Refugees. Challenges for instructors and their Needs

Online-Publication Sports for Refugees: Challenges for Instructors and Their Support Needs.

published by Victoria Schwenzer (Camino), 2017

Report European Networking Conference: Equal Access and Volunteering of Migrants, Minorities and Refugees in Sport.

published by VIDC, 2016

ESPIN Baseline Study

Baseline Study Equal Access for Migrant Volunteers to Sports Clubs in Europe

by Victoria Schwenzer (Camino), 2016

Handbook on Volunteering of Migrants in Sport Clubs and Organisations

published by VIDC & FAI, 2016